Project 365 – Week 5

Work is definitely getting in the way and I’m finding it very hard linking up on time at the moment, but I’m still taking pictures!

Day 26

I love getting into a good book and after finishing the second Maze Runner book, my friend lent me this story set in France. There’s something really exciting about starting a new book – especially a ‘real’ book rather than an ebook!

Day 27

I love watching my children sleep, but I do wonder at how they manage to contort themselves into these positions. I’m sure this shows a foot where a hand should be!

Day 28

We have a picture in our utility room that has been sat in the packing for over a year so finally getting the children’s school pictures up on the stairs was very satisfying!

Day 29

Sometimes I look at my daughter and marvel at how grown up she is, but today I stumbled across this page from her Yearbook for Girls which she loves and it reminded me that she is still a child. Oh for the days when your begets concerns were whether you would ever be able to do the splits or not!

Day 30

Meet Barty Bear! My daughter was beyond words in terms of excitement when she earned the privilege of being able to bring the class bear home for the week. I used to wither when it happened as I felt this extraordinary amount of pressure to make sure that the bear was kept busy and then work out what to write in the diary. I felt similarly this time and then I remembered – she’s 7 now – she can write it herself!

Day 31

After a fun day in Bournemouth, hubby and I treated ourselves to a takeaway and DVD – this was our first bought DVD in months and it was fab!

Day 32

Homemade steak, potatoes and veg – a fab end to the weekend!

I think I’m still in time to link up with The Boy and Me this week, yay!


Out and About!

I’m not sure if everyone’s children are the same but mine love each other to bits – they’re the best of friends – apart from when they’ve been cooped up in the house for too long and then they get louder and snappier by the second!

We’ve tried really hard to get out the last couple of weekends because at this time of year it’s so easy to be lazy instead!

We went across to Lacock village and liked it so much we went back again! Pooh sticks was compulsory of course!


The snowdrops are just starting and the children loved spotting them, and then carefully avoiding them to see if they were strong enough to lift up ‘half a tree!’


Inevitably, they also had to be the Kings of the Castle too!


And what cold wintery walk would be complete without cake and tractor riding?!


We also decided to explore some of our very local surroundings one afternoon – the ones that don’t even require getting in the car. Finding out what is up that path that we go past every day! What we discovered was in fact a fab walk, though very muddy – the washing machine did an extra load that day!

The children invented a new sport – ‘Aqua Scooting’ – I can see it catching on…!IMG_1585

My son took ‘stuck in the mud’ rather too literally in the way that boys do, but much fun was definitely had by all, and to think it’s just around the corner from our house and we didn’t even know it existed!



I haven’t linked up to #CountryKids for a couple of weeks but I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to as well over at Coombe Mill.


Project 365 – Week 4

I’m still keeping going! Unfortunately I haven’t got around to commenting on all of your lovely pictures this week and I promise to try harder. I have been looking though and I’m thoroughly enjoying still being a part of #project365!

Here’s my week in pictures!

Day 19

I spend a lot of my work time driving between schools, but Monday was the annual staff training day and I swapped the usual rush hour traffic jams for this beautiful sunny winter walk. A great start to the week.

Day 20

When I finish work on a Tuesday I always have a mini sigh of relief because I work evenings as well as days on these two days, and it’s nice to think that I have my evenings free for the rest of the week. I celebrated with an early night with some guilty pleasure reading!

Day 21

My husband thinks I’m a right hoarder but I never got rid of the books I enjoyed reading as a child. I still have them all but now it’s coming into its own as my daughter is loving reading all my old Enid Blyton books and the like. The one in this picture cost me £1.50 in 1986! I think the modern editions have had some of the words changed to reflect modern times, but we don’t mind – it just means that sometimes phrases such as “Golly, 30 shillings – how simply wizard!” need a little translation!

Day 22

We decided we needed some fresh air after a stuffy day so walked our way to and from ballet, with a little pirouette stop en route!

Day 23

I never really enter competitions but I’ve tried to start doing the odd retweet here and there, you never know! So it made my day when I won a giant Toblerone thanks to their weekly Twitter giveaway. It arrived today and unsurprisingly I had two small volunteers to open it almost immediately!

Day 24

Date night! We’ve just started asking our neighbour to babysit – the children love her and she loves it too – result! So this was our first night out as a couple in so long and it was fab!

Day 25

Following most nights out come days in! We had a very busy Saturday so Sunday turned from a lazy morning into a huge roast dinner and a Lego type afternoon. Just what we needed!

I’m too late to link up to TheBoyandMe this week, but better late than never hopefully!


Project 365 – Week 3

It’s been a busy kind of week – a busy work week, not a busy ‘look at my photos and get jealous’ kind of week! I am proud of myself though for keeping going, and I actually think I might be starting to get better at remembering to take photos of the every day – in fact we were out for a walk this afternoon and my daughter just kept posing every few steps – maybe I’m going the other way!

So here’s my photos for week 3 – days 11 – 17…

Day 11

After a lazy Saturday, we enjoyed a pub lunch and a walk, but couldn’t pass over a bridge without stopping for a game of Pooh Sticks!

Day 12

One of my husband’s colleagues arrived at work with a huge bagful of books that her own children had grown out of and asked if our daughter might like them – she was very pleased!

Day 13

The start of the work is always very busy as I work all day and then in the evening too, so my husband cooked me an amazingly yummy dinner!

Day 14

The sleeping shot – this really is the only time my son is ever still!

Day 15

The weather forecast did predict snow, but I think we could’ve actually counted the flakes that fell – it didn’t dampen the children’s excitement though!

Day 16

We met up with some of our best friends half way between where we both live with resulted in a very late night for the children – but it was Friday so it didn’t really matter! They’re just getting to the age now where they can cope with a late night, it doesn’t have to cancel the next day!

Day 17

My daughter went to a very crafty birthday party and was proud of her creations!

So that’s my week! Hope you’ve all had a good one too!


Project 365 – Week 2

I’m actually quite proud of myself that I’m still able to join in for week 2 – that means I’ve stuck to something new for nearly 2 weeks which is quite an achievement for me!

You will see that I’m still working on remembering to take the good pictures. I seem to just get stuck in enjoying the moments and forgetting to get my camera out and capture them, but still, I have 50 weeks left to improve! So with that disclaimer in place, here’s my week in pictures…

Day 4

We’d intended to go out and enjoy our last day of the holidays, but after a couple of pretty hectic days and some not very nice weather we thought it was better all round to spend our last day being lazy so that the children actually managed to go back to school being rested rather than in need of another holiday. I said to the children they could choose what our lunch would be and help cook it – in perfect unison they both requested shepherd’s pie which I wasn’t going to complain about but still find it a rather unusual choice – I was expecting pizza! Nevertheless the children then wanted to help cook it and they both started off, but then my 5 year said he would help eat it instead of cook it!

Day 5

This was my husband’s first day back at work but we all got up early to try and adjust our body clocks! We managed a trip to the park and then thought cake making was a perfect welcome home for Daddy so this was the result of their labours. I love how independent the children can be now with baking, they barely need any input from me, although their egg cracking technique makes me squirm every time!

Day 6

Back to reality! The start of the week is always the busiest for me as I not only work during the day but the evenings too so we’re a bit like ships in the night. However our new Wii U is proving lots of fun and we all enjoyed a game of Mario Kart together before bed – it’s amazing how quickly the children can get their pyjamas on when this is the incentive!

Day 7

I’ve cheated a bit by putting up a picture of a picture I think, but we’ve been looking for ages for something to fill the blank wall in our dining room. We have a huge world map on the main wall and have been looking for something that works with it. I eventually stumbled across this and it arrived on Wednesday – I love it!

Day 8

We used to go swimming after school on Thursdays but have given it up this term. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do and have actually written a whole other post about that which I’m going to publish this week, but it was a real treat for us to be able to come straight home and we all sat and had snacks together and talk about our day. I know that sounds really mundane and normal, but we rarely get this opportunity so it was quite special!

Day 9

After surviving the first week back at school, the children were shattered so we spent some time chilling and my daughter decided to make her new Lego – she’s so good at it and doesn’t need any help, but like to have us all nearby so she can use us all as assistants to find the right pieces! We didn’t quite get it finished, but had lots of fun!

Day 10

After a lovely family lunch followed by a birthday party at the soft play, I had lots of opportunities to take photos, but I only remembered after we’d got back, and my daughter decided to finish her project before bed!

So that’s my week! I’m long forward to seeing all of your weeks at The Boy and Me.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Well I’m a little bit late posting this, I can’t believe how much going to work has interrupted my routine (or lack of!) this week! I always find going back to school after Christmas really hard. After all the fun of Christmas I turn into a child again and would be quite happy for it to go on and on. Waking up at 9am becomes the norm and you start to wonder how on earth you’re going to be able to wake up at 6am ever again! But all too soon that dreaded first Monday in January comes around along with the dreaded alarm going off at silly o’clock, routine sets in again and by 9am it suddenly feels like Christmas never even happened!

Despite the mad rushing around and the horrible weather we still made every effort to get a bit of fresh air – I so wish I’d remembered to take a photo of my daughter scooting to ballet in the dark wearing her purple leotard and tutu – it was quite a sight, but as it had been raining all day, wet play and lunch at school we thought we’d take the longer route!

We had a lovely walk with some friends too. Luckily the weather held out and the children were delighted when they saw someone had made a tree swing!

On the days when I’m not working I always try and walk to collect the children from school. It’s a mile and a half so gives us a good dose of fresh air. It was just what we needed the other day and we were having such fun we decided to go home, grab the scooters and have a quick visit to the park as well – it was almost dark by the time we left, but we thought that ‘park in the dark’ had a certain ring to it!

I’m linking up again with #CountryKids over at Coombe Mill. I can’t wait to get jealous at all the outdoor fun you’ve all found time to have despite it being back into the swing of school!


Project 365 – Week 1

Well here I am, a newbie to this project but very excited to be taking part! I’m not a photographer by any means but I’m hoping that taking part in this will actually encourage me to physically pic up the camera and record so many ‘ordinary’ memories. It’s easy to remember to take pics of the special events but I really want to think of every moment as being special, because it is.

So here’s my first week of 2015 in pictures:


New Year’s Day is always a day I love because while we really enjoy spending Christmas with our families, and this year was even more special because my parents came up too, New Year’s Day is typically a day we have just the four of us. We had 12 for Christmas lunch, so cooking for 4 was fab. We spent the day playing board games, nipped out for a quick stroll and had a totally unconventional New Year’s lunch of tomato pasta bake with garlic dough balls and salad, as chosen by the kiddles! Clearly despite having the best of intentions, I didn’t take a pic while we were out, so we had a ‘silly selfie’ between games!

Day 2

This was probably our busiest day of the holidays, but again my ability to remember to take a picture failed. After a lovely pub lunch and stroll in a beautiful village over the other side of Bristol and then a stroll around the shops we took two very tired children home, so this is just a quick snap as my eldest got into iPad mode!

Day 3

The day of the impulse buy! We’ve played so many games over Christmas and I think this is almost the reverse of what we’re supposed to do – aren’t we supposed to encourage games away from a screen?! It was my husband’s idea to buy a console that we can all play on together, I think he’s secretly hoping we can release our inner child, but the children were very excited about getting a Wii U, especially as it came complete with MarioKart. I also made an impulse purchase of the Fit pack that goes with it too so I have no excuses now…

I’m linking up with TheBoyandMe for this project – thank you for inviting me and to everyone I’ve spoken to about it that has made a newbie feel welcome. See you in Week 2!


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