The Gallery: Hands

I’m actually crying as I try and type this. Today is a very special day. It’s my Grandma’s 100th birthday – yes 100! I’m pretty sure it’s the day she’s been holding on for, for at least the last 3 years, when she hasn’t been able to communicate very well. Her brain is still fully functioning, but she can’t hear too well, or speak or write so she has no way of letting us know what she’s thinking.

I couldn’t let today go without showing a picture of my Grandma, but when I saw the theme was ‘hands’ I saw this picture in a completely different light. Who needs to hear or speak to communicate when your hands can say so much? Those frail, 98 year old hands are protecting and loving those newborn hands, and those little hands have placed all their trust in them. This is pretty much the only picture I have of my Grandma with her only Great Grandchildren, and it’s the last time she really saw them with an awareness of who they, and I were. It is so precious, but it’s only now that I’m learning to look beyond the obvious. It’s not all about the faces at all, so thank you, Tara for helping me see this!

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It’s a Sticky Issue…

I love my children to bits, obviously I do, but I hate the thing they seem to love most – stickers! What is it about them that makes them so obsessed? I swear they can see stickers in their sleep, and I still remember being in Next, ordering a new sofa when my daughter was just over 1. We thought she was happily looking at the kids stuff, we could see her sat down, not causing a stir. Only when we got up to leave did we realise she’d got hold of the fabric sample thing and had been removing the bar code stickers off the back of every single one and sticking them all over her pushchair. I can’t guarantee how many people would have got the sofas they ordered that day!

This is a craze that has just never lost its appeal. It’s 10am, and already this morning my husband has nearly gone to work with a price label on his bottom, I’ve pulled 17 gold stars out of the washing machine, removed 8 purple butterflies from the banister, leaving the yucky black sticky residue for later, and have found a decapitated Peppa Pig in the cutlery tray of the dishwasher! And if they can’t find stickers, they will just keep pulling at the Sellotape. Double sided sticky tape is obviously the holy grail!

Stickers solve everything, no activity is more fun or rewarding than removing an adhesive piece of paper from a waxy sheet and placing it on a slightly different piece of paper, or item of clothing, or body part, or piece of furniture. Actually, it doesn’t matter where it goes, it just can’t possibly stay where it is.

I feel a bit bad really, that these harmless, and relatively inexpensive objects rile me so, but when you find you can’t perform any everyday, mundane task without first having to check that nothing is stuck to you or it, suddenly, it all takes three times as long – bah humbug!

So please, somebody out there, tell me I’m not alone, and also empathise with me when I tell you that my husband on Friday brought home 7000 sticky gold stars…!

Real Life Superheroes Do Exist…

I know I know, it’s all been done before, that whole ‘working mum, vs. stay at home mum’ thing. I gave up the former to become the latter nearly a year ago now, where on earth does the time go? But luckily this isn’t about that, what it is though, is a statement of utmost respect for those people who manage to do that hybrid – the work at home mums!

For the last 6 weeks, I took on some work that I could do at home. I knew it would be tough, but I took it all in my stride, thinking to myself that I’d simply do the stay at home mum thing during the day, and work in the evenings, and with my son off at pre school for one day a week too, it would all be fine, a few more jacket potatoes and easy pasta meals, and a few less home cooked cakes, but it would all be fine.

Yeah right – those of you who are work at home mums, I salute you, how the hell do you manage it?! Seriously, I have lived a miserable existence the last couple of months, check my Twitter timeline, I haven’t even had time to tweet, and have been feeling guilty leaving my work to even go for a wee. Then I’ve been feeling like an absolute failure that my son can probably recite the CBeebies scripts better than the presenters, I’ve been getting up at silly o’clock, 4am one morning, and working til gone midnight most nights, no days off. On top of that, I’ve had tonsillitis and a poorly big girl who’s been sent home from school early, and that’s not me looking for sympathy, or even thinking I’ve been dealt a bad deal, that’s just life, and we get on with it. I was only doing this for 6 weeks, but for some people, this is what they do the whole time, and those people are, without doubt, superhuman – fact! Forget the Fantastic Four or X Men, these are the people with special powers, and following my audition, I have failed miserably to become one of them!

I am in total awe of you all, and I need to know your secrets!