Project 365 – Week 5

Work is definitely getting in the way and I’m finding it very hard linking up on time at the moment, but I’m still taking pictures!

Day 26

I love getting into a good book and after finishing the second Maze Runner book, my friend lent me this story set in France. There’s something really exciting about starting a new book – especially a ‘real’ book rather than an ebook!

Day 27

I love watching my children sleep, but I do wonder at how they manage to contort themselves into these positions. I’m sure this shows a foot where a hand should be!

Day 28

We have a picture in our utility room that has been sat in the packing for over a year so finally getting the children’s school pictures up on the stairs was very satisfying!

Day 29

Sometimes I look at my daughter and marvel at how grown up she is, but today I stumbled across this page from her Yearbook for Girls which she loves and it reminded me that she is still a child. Oh for the days when your begets concerns were whether you would ever be able to do the splits or not!

Day 30

Meet Barty Bear! My daughter was beyond words in terms of excitement when she earned the privilege of being able to bring the class bear home for the week. I used to wither when it happened as I felt this extraordinary amount of pressure to make sure that the bear was kept busy and then work out what to write in the diary. I felt similarly this time and then I remembered – she’s 7 now – she can write it herself!

Day 31

After a fun day in Bournemouth, hubby and I treated ourselves to a takeaway and DVD – this was our first bought DVD in months and it was fab!

Day 32

Homemade steak, potatoes and veg – a fab end to the weekend!

I think I’m still in time to link up with The Boy and Me this week, yay!