6 Years… Bring on the Candy!

It was the 2nd April 2005 that my husband and I got married. It had been raining all week and we thought our dreams of sunshine and outside drinks on our special day were doomed. Thankfully, we didn’t need nice weather for our reception, but it was a bonus the sun did shine because we’ve got some fab snaps to look back on!

When I was younger, I was hopelessly single. I was always the one who turned up to things on my own, but most of the time I was happy like that. Although I liked the idea of having a boyfriend, I also liked being able to please myself, especially at Uni. I was singing quite a bit and was lucky enough to be able to travel around regularly, sometimes at short notice, and the fact I didn’t have a ‘significant other’ made this easier. To be fair though, if you saw what I looked like, it wouldn’t have surprised you that I was single!

It was a surprise though, that out of all of my friends, despite this history, I was the first one down the aisle. I was hardly a child bride at the age of 25, but I was, nonetheless, the first.

I met my husband at work. I was a newly qualified teacher in 2001, with a Year 7 tutor group. My husband was the Head of Year 7. The first year at school passed quite quickly, but without knowing, I think there was some attraction there. I realised as we were getting together, that I’d always for example, clocked whether his car was already in the car park when I got to work or not, and his opinion of things I did professionally really did matter more than anyone else’s. I thought I felt intimidated by him at first, but I think these were those ‘I fancy you’ butterflies in retrospect!

We finally got together in 2002, and within 6 weeks, we’d agreed to each other that this was ‘it.’ We were engaged at that point, but knew everyone else would have a flip out, so we kept it quiet and officially announced it 11 months later. I am quite traditional at heart, so I think I always did want to get married. We had a traditional church wedding, on a beautiful sunny day. My children’s choir sang during the signing of the register, and the day was absolutely perfect (apart from the fact our photos took too long, and this meant the steak was overcooked, much to my husband’s annoyance. Being vegetarian this didn’t affect my butternut squash concoction)! And although this is a rubbish quality photo, I had to put it in because I maintain this is the best wedding cake ever!

Although most of my posts mainly focus around the children, I didn’t think I could pass my Wedding Anniversary by without mentioning it.

We don’t ‘do’ presents, but I had a sneaky peak at the traditional gifts for 6 years, and it appears I should be expecting candy, so I’ll just say this to my husband, as I know he won’t be able to resist a sneaky peak at my blog:

“I know I love taking the mickey out of you on Twitter and any other opportunity I get, but I really am very lucky. Thank you for making the last 6 years the happiest of my life, and for our beautiful children. I love you true!”

If he doesn’t read that, we’ll just have to hope I can stay off Twitter long enough to tell him in person, and if he does, I’m hoping that despite no present giving, a tub of pick & mix might find itself heading my way – with lots of white mice – like I’ve already said, I’m quite traditional at heart!