Out and About!

I’m not sure if everyone’s children are the same but mine love each other to bits – they’re the best of friends – apart from when they’ve been cooped up in the house for too long and then they get louder and snappier by the second!

We’ve tried really hard to get out the last couple of weekends because at this time of year it’s so easy to be lazy instead!

We went across to Lacock village and liked it so much we went back again! Pooh sticks was compulsory of course!


The snowdrops are just starting and the children loved spotting them, and then carefully avoiding them to see if they were strong enough to lift up ‘half a tree!’


Inevitably, they also had to be the Kings of the Castle too!


And what cold wintery walk would be complete without cake and tractor riding?!


We also decided to explore some of our very local surroundings one afternoon – the ones that don’t even require getting in the car. Finding out what is up that path that we go past every day! What we discovered was in fact a fab walk, though very muddy – the washing machine did an extra load that day!

The children invented a new sport – ‘Aqua Scooting’ – I can see it catching on…!IMG_1585

My son took ‘stuck in the mud’ rather too literally in the way that boys do, but much fun was definitely had by all, and to think it’s just around the corner from our house and we didn’t even know it existed!



I haven’t linked up to #CountryKids for a couple of weeks but I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to as well over at Coombe Mill.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John Adams
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 06:22:23

    Looks like you’ve had a very active time #CountryKids


  2. Coombe Mill
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 11:15:14

    All this in one village! Looks lots of fun, no wonder you returned. I love that tree, I could do with one of those in my fairy garden, the possibilities of who lives in the holes are endless! thank you for sharing your lovely outdoor exploring on Country Kids.


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