Real Life Superheroes Do Exist…

I know I know, it’s all been done before, that whole ‘working mum, vs. stay at home mum’ thing. I gave up the former to become the latter nearly a year ago now, where on earth does the time go? But luckily this isn’t about that, what it is though, is a statement of utmost respect for those people who manage to do that hybrid – the work at home mums!

For the last 6 weeks, I took on some work that I could do at home. I knew it would be tough, but I took it all in my stride, thinking to myself that I’d simply do the stay at home mum thing during the day, and work in the evenings, and with my son off at pre school for one day a week too, it would all be fine, a few more jacket potatoes and easy pasta meals, and a few less home cooked cakes, but it would all be fine.

Yeah right – those of you who are work at home mums, I salute you, how the hell do you manage it?! Seriously, I have lived a miserable existence the last couple of months, check my Twitter timeline, I haven’t even had time to tweet, and have been feeling guilty leaving my work to even go for a wee. Then I’ve been feeling like an absolute failure that my son can probably recite the CBeebies scripts better than the presenters, I’ve been getting up at silly o’clock, 4am one morning, and working til gone midnight most nights, no days off. On top of that, I’ve had tonsillitis and a poorly big girl who’s been sent home from school early, and that’s not me looking for sympathy, or even thinking I’ve been dealt a bad deal, that’s just life, and we get on with it. I was only doing this for 6 weeks, but for some people, this is what they do the whole time, and those people are, without doubt, superhuman – fact! Forget the Fantastic Four or X Men, these are the people with special powers, and following my audition, I have failed miserably to become one of them!

I am in total awe of you all, and I need to know your secrets!



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