There’s no escape…

A long break between posts wasn’t something I was anticipating, however, it seems I’ve been busy being integrated into a world I didn’t think I was really part of. You see, my children are good children generally, very well behaved, but over the last couple of weeks my son has entered into his ‘testing the boundaries’ stage. I believe this is a politically correct way of saying he’s been a little… ok you can enter the word.

Yes, over the last fortnight, my son has gone from being a cute cute cute, if slightly cheeky little scamp, to having real issues with boundaries. The trouble is he’s still just so damn cute cute cute that it’s incredibly disarming!

He’s discovered the power of thought, realising that now, sitting on the sorry step is actually preferable to doing most of the requested tasks. Have a sit down or tidy up the toys? In reality, I know which I’d choose! He decided he couldn’t be bothered to eat his peas the other day. He likes them, but scooping them up and getting them to his mouth is just effort, so he ‘accidentally’ threw the plate on the floor, and responded in a super cute voice “Oh well, I have ice cream!” How can I be cross when he’s genuinely hilarious?! I try to stand my ground I really do, even though I know this is just something he has to go through, and if what he was doing was making me completely miserable or making other people think negatively of my children or my parenting I’m sure I’d feel differently, but I just can’t help but snigger. I’m so immature, it actually takes me back to my teaching days, when even as a 30 year old woman I still found it difficult to keep a straight face if a loud trump escaped one of my students!

With all the evidence, the perfect growl, stubbornness, an inability to back down, a preference of doing nothing over something, and the fact that he has a bottomless pit and frequently has to be dragged out of bed at 10am at the weekend (yes, sorry to rub it in if you don’t have a sleeper!) I can only conclude that my son has become a teenager 11 years prematurely, help!

But could you get cross with this?!

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