Bah Humbug!

Some people live for their holidays. I’m not one of those people. I like my house and the time I spend in it, and I like having my comforts around me.

Before we had children we’d go away from time to time, but usually just a weekend somewhere in this country. The only ‘proper’ holiday we went on together was our honeymoon.

The sophisticated Newlyweds...

Since the children, we’ve had two big holidays. Once to Disneyland and once to a different bit of France, a Summer camping one. We’ve been camping with friends and had a few days away here and there, but nothing compared to what some people do or more importantly wish they could do.

The thing is I’m not really bothered about going on holidays! But it’s that time of year when we’re starting to think about whether to go away or not. We went to Disneyland Paris last year, but because hubby is a teacher we’ve always been restricted to going on holiday in the school holidays so have the premium to pay in terms of price too. And we’ve been on one holiday when we went to a fab campsite in France, and while I loved the freedom that being on holiday gave us, I actually felt more uptight than I do at home.

The kids and my husband loved every minute of it, but I still had to cook and clean, about 10 times more often than I do at home because we were in such a confined space, and when I did come to relax, I didn’t have any of my comforts around me. And being a vegetarian in France isn’t that easy either! Chips, bread and cheese for a week wreaks havoc with your digestive system!

I know I sound like a right grump, and as hubby points out, it’s not all about me, so if everyone else is having fun should I just grin and bare it? After all, I know when I get there I’ll enjoy it more than the thought of going. Or should I be thinking sod it, it may not all be about me, but surely some of it should be about me?! Holidays don’t come cheap after all.

In which case, I need a holiday that offers

  • nice weather
  • lots of fun things for the family
  • plenty of variety of food
  • no cooking or cleaning
  • one where I don’t have to share a room with the children for a week

Oh, and because we made a deal that I’d earn enough money to pay for said holiday, it needs to be achieved within my current earnings of £12.26 and a £5 Amazon e-voucher!

I’m thinking we may be getting a takeaway at home for our holiday this year!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zoe Alexander UK
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 15:42:13

    I can fully sympathise with that feeling of being more relaxed at home! Holidays and any trips can be exhausting & stressful with/without children and often it’s left to “mum” to organise and tidy up! Also v. expensive! I’m with U chill out at home!


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