The Gallery: Me Right Now

Generally the only time in my day when I get to guiltlessly tweet or read blogs is when I’ve just got in from the school run. The first thing the children do is start jumping up and down and begging for hot chocolate. For my daughter this means luke warm hot chocolate that has been sieved to ensure no undissolved bit floating on the top or she won’t touch it, yes I did say sieved! For my son, it means cold milk with 2 marshmallows floating in it and a teaspoon with which to scoop them out. He doesn’t like hot chocolate, but for some reason it’s what he calls his post school run milk!

However I know that once I’ve done my motherly duties, caught up on the highlights of my daughter’s day at school, and they have their drinks, complete with teaspoons and straws, I will have about 10 minutes of peace. This is when I sneak a look at my Google Reader. Last Friday, I decided to lie on the floor and do this. Very soon, the children finished their drinks, and decided to jump on me. I’d love to say how great it was for them to do this just as I had to take a snap of what I was doing right then, but sadly not. I should know better because being jumped on with no warning or awareness of their body weight is actually something I have become used to on a ‘several times daily’ basis! So that’s what I was doing, being jumped on! Five minutes earlier we were having a drink. Five minutes later we were engrossed in a game of Animal Dominoes.

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  1. Herding Cats
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 12:10:42

    Great picture!


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