Please Can I Be Tired?!

Today I made a mistake. I told two mums that I was shattered. Clearly there can only be one reason for this. It’s nothing to do with 5 mile uphill school runs, choirs, swimming, ballet, toddler groups, nonstop housework, not sitting down or anything else. It can only be because  I am lazy. Given that my daughter is at school all day, and my son goes to pre-school once a week, giving me a child free day and that I even do my food shopping online, all I can possibly do every day is sit at home and relax.

I’ve done the working mum thing. I was tired then too. I didn’t hate what I was doing, but towards the end, I found myself resenting it. Some people made me feel guilty about working.

“Those early years are such a special time, they disappear all too quickly.”

“You’ll look back and regret not spending that time with your children.”

“There’s more important things than money.” (Er, yeah try telling that one to the mortgage company).

To a certain extent, I’m right with what I said in my first line. I am lazy, it’s my default setting. I’ve never been one of those people who get cabin fever if they don’t leave the house for a day. I don’t find myself craving exercise if I don’t do any for a few days, and I think I’m possibly alone when I say that I don’t even feel better for doing exercise. I do it because I’ve heard it’s good for me, but the only thing it generally makes me feel better about is eating cake.

I am tired, but I used to get a lot more respect from people when I was working. Apparently being a teacher is a much more noble thing to do than looking after and educating your own children. If I said I was tired, people would nod in agreement, and offer me sympathy. I may have been tired from a night out and have just had a day where I only taught for one or two hours, had a full lunch break and solitary wees, but if I said I was tired, people were with me.

Now however, it doesn’t matter why I’m tired, because I don’t go to a place of work. Therefore, my tiredness is either in my head or a bare faced lie? The work I’m doing now might not bring in an income, or exercise my brain in the same way, but it does exercise my patience, pays out well below the minimum wage, and fails to give me breaks every 6 hours which I seem to think is a legal requirement!

So why aren’t I allowed to be tired?! Why am I not justified in saying that I’m tired just because I don’t bring home an income any more? I swear I’m more tired after days with the children than I ever was at work! Oh well, I guess I’ll just sit on the sofa, drink some more coffee and ponder this thought…!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HELEN
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:34:50

    great photo, mine are always in that ‘head back,mouth open’ position too!
    Clearly you need to sit down & drink more coffee….go on..and whilst you’re there open up that biscuit tin too…


  2. Kate
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:37:18

    Before I had a child I wondered what sahms did all day, thinking you just got to sit around drinking coffee whilst your little darling played nicely. Obviously now I understand! My non-working days are waaaaaayyyyy more tiring than being at work, and I don’t even get anything constructive done! So I think you are more than entitled to feel a bit tired and to take some feet up coffee time when you can!


  3. Hayley (@lilyjay)
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:57:39

    Cute photo!

    I’m always tired and I don’t even have children for an excuse! I just sit in the office all day then go to the gym for an hour, then sit at home all evening…. Now I must just definitely be lazy but you are definitely allowed to be tired!


  4. MotherWifeMe
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 17:41:16

    Great post. I never realised until I became a SAHM how much of a second class citizen you become, it is bizarre. But then, as soon as you become a mum, you can’t win – you are damned if you go out to work and damned if you are a SAHM – maybe it is getting us ready for our kids’ teenage years, when we won’t be able to do a thing right in their eyes either…


  5. The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 22:02:09

    People are idiots. Looking after young children is tiring. Stopping looking after young children (because of school or nursery) is even more tiring because you realise how knackered you’ve been since they were born!


  6. pinkoddy
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 01:22:38

    Don’t think women can “win” whatever they do. Hopefully life will be less tiring when they children grow a bit more – but I doubt it. Thank goodness for coffee.


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