‘How to Succeed in Life’ by A 4 Year Old

On getting the lead role in the Nativity:

“I think I’m just the right size to wear the Mary costume, and I’m very good at holding babies!”

On learning the art of modesty:

Teacher: “How was your first ever ballet lesson?”

Evie: “I was brilliant. In fact, if you gather everyone round I will do a show for you all!”

At a birthday party: “Now we’re going to play musical statues.”

Evie: “I’m great at musical statues, I will probably win!”

On getting a free meal:

After pushing my friend’s son back to their house when her buggy got a puncture…

“Well, seeing as I’m here, I might as well come in for a play and some tea!”

When my daughter was smaller, my concern was that she would be overshadowed by other children. I’d notice that if we went somewhere, she’d always take a back seat. At a birthday party, she’d hover at the back and be reluctant to join in, she’d let other children tell her she couldn’t join in with things, and she would take it to heart.

I knew that moving to a different county, leaving behind friends, family, home, preschool, and oh yeah, pretty much everything she’d ever known, 2 days before starting school would be daunting, so was fully expecting a few tears, and definitely more of my shrinking violet. That girl who would stand at the back, and know the answer to the questions but not dare to put her hand up to tell anyone.

I was naturally anxious, as any parent is when their first born starts school, and for the first couple of weeks I never went far from home, half anticipating a phone call, but nothing. About a month into school, it was the turn of the Reception class to do their assembly. This was my first real chance to be able to observe my daughter in her new school surroundings, without her being fully aware that I was there i.e. acting how she typically would at school. If it hadn’t been for my son letting out the belch of all belches half way through their celebration prayer followed by “Mummy, I done big burp!” clearly for all to hear, she would have probably been unaware of our presence at all!

I didn’t think anything of it when several of her class got up and stood at the front ready to show some pictures they had drawn, to the rest of the school, and my daughter wasn’t among them. That would be daunting for a lot of adults, let alone a four year old. What did surprise me though was when the next lot of children came out, and my daughter was among them. Not only was she holding her picture, but she then proceeded to explain, clearly and calmly what her picture was, and why she had chosen to do it that way. On her own, and looking directly at her audience. She even projected her voice! I was a little too shocked to be proud at the time, although pride definitely came later!

Since then, there just seems to be a daily occurrence of her growing confidence, so much so, that my concern now is that she gets perceived as slightly overconfident! I’d far rather it be this way, but I’m going to start thinking about some lessons in modesty! I just don’t know where my shrinking violet has gone, although given that my daughter has an answer for everything, I guess maybe I should ask her. I can’t believe I haven’t thought to do that before! 😉

However, when it comes to losing, she’s definitely inherited her father’s sense of dignity…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. frankeeb
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 16:33:43

    She sounds like a right little madam in the making. I love it!

    After LOLing at your poo tweet, I watched that video on mute and again had to amek up another story to explain the muffled giggles.

    She’ll bring you years of fun and challenges!


  2. taylorsized
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 13:04:43

    Loved this post, especially the video!


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