DoCrafts: A Scrapbook Challenge!

I often feel really guilty because both of my children adore crafty things (I’m talking art here, although the other meaning of crafty also applies!) The trouble is I don’t! In fact, the second either one of my children requests painting or cutting and sticking, my heart sinks and I just wither, wishing I could be transported to a parallel universe. I just don’t understand the fun in it, I was like it even at school. Everyone else would get excited if the next lesson was art, whereas I always prayed my flute lesson or orthodontist appointment fell at that time (I’m not painting a very cool picture of myself here am I?)! I’m can also confirm that art and craft is not an area of strength for me. Despite the fact I once got over 90% in an art exam, it materialised this was because my teacher thought I’d drawn a leaf, when in fact it was a spider!

Anyway, given the fact that I know craft is a very important activity to encourage my children to do, and the fact they love it so, I promise I really do try! When I was given the opportunity to do some craft for myself, courtesy of the lovely people at, a company who have some fantastic ideas on their website, as well as a Creativity Club which you can join for £24 a year, AND it was specified that it had to be done as ‘me time’ I figured this was a challenge I couldn’t afford to turn down. Maybe as something for me, I could begin to enjoy this.

In fact, I never realised how much of a perfectionist I was! I got sent a beautiful scrapbook, along with all the accessories I needed to get started. All I needed now was some peace and quiet!

As I’ve said I’m no artist, but I’m quite impressed with what I’ve done so far. With Christmas fast approaching, I found some of my favourite pictures from last year and used that as my starting point. What do you think? For the first time ever, I’m quite excited about buying some more bits to continue making this keepsake.

Why not try it yourself, there’s some fabulous ideas on the docrafts website along with links to crafty bits and bobs to help you on your way! It’seasy to see why the children have such fun being creative, although I still shudder when they get anywhere near a paintbrush!

Thank you to the lovely Emma Collins for giving me this opportunity, and kindly sending me the scrapbook and accessories, in conjunction with the docrafts Creativity Club.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 16:06:11

    Ah that’s lovely! I have ‘finish scrapbook’ as one of my Day Zero Project items so I will definitely be checking out the website!


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