Picture Perfect…

We moved into our new house over three months ago, and while we love it, we’re constantly trying to make it feel more homely. For me that means drooling over various home stores and website, wishing I had most of their stuff adorning the various rooms in my house, for my husband it means arranging the CDs and DVDs into alphabetical order, and for the children, it means having as many of their possessions on display over the floor as possible. So the compromise we’ve seemed to reach, is each of us doing absolutely nothing towards achieving project homeliness. After all the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, starting new jobs and schools, any spare moment we have, are either spent exploring our new surroundings or flopping on a sofa.

With the children getting so excited about Christmas though, it was impossible to put the decorations up any later, and having a bigger house to decorate this year, we spent this weekend ‘homifying’ our new house – it’s amazing how big a difference such a small amount of effort can make.

We always have a laugh at just how impractical we are around the home. My father in law is a builder and electrician, so any little thing that goes beyond changing a lightbulb or fixing something with blu tac, is a job that gets saved up for a visit from the in laws! But yesterday afternoon, while my son had a sleep, and my daughter put me to shame in her abilities to navigate her way around the iPad, I ‘project managed’ and my husband… wait for it… hammered 28 nails into walls around our house! Go us! I just can’t believe how much difference a few photos and pictures have made. After 3 months, our fab new house is starting to become a cosy home. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m sure it’s nothing that a trip to Cath Kidston couldn’t fix…!


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