How to Poo (A 4 Year Old’s Guide)

Warning: This blog post talks about poo! If that’s not your thing, this post is not for you, however, I’m hoping that any mums out there might be slightly amused by it, just momentarily!

It appears that age does not necessarily provide you with the experience you need, and nor does previous experience for that matter! I blogged a couple of weeks ago, about how well my son was doing with his potty training. You can read about that here. However, 4 weeks in and he still hadn’t done a number 2 on the toilet. Instead he’d wait until the second he put his pull up on, then do the business. I wasn’t worried, in fact I’d heard that this was quite normal, I was just finding myself still dreaming of the day when I could reduce my shopping bill by the price of nappies!

We’re now in week 4, or maybe 5, and haven’t had a wee wee accident in a long time, and today, for the first time ever, he took himself to the toilet and did a number 2. This is less than 24 hours after my 4 year old daughter decided to give him a lesson on how to poo in the toilet! It went something like this:

  1. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.
  2. Squeeze! It might be a shy poo, so you need to tell it not to be shy and that it’s fun in the toilet (her words not mine)!
  3. Demonstrate! I’m sure I shouldn’t be putting this picture up and I will probably delete it soon, but this happened during the ‘lesson’ last night, I’d only gone to get their pyjamas after their bath, but he found it so interesting and clearly inspirational, because we had our first success today!

I’ve learnt from this that grown ups aren’t necessarily the best teachers, and that clearly my son is a visual learner!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 21:26:27

    For a moment then I thought you meant he hadn’t poohed in 4 weeks!!!

    That is precious and hysterical!


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