Disco Diva?

Last night was the night – my daughter’s first school disco! Apparently it was all in the preparation.

Stage 1: Straight after school we had the hairdressers (Ok, I’d booked this oblivious to the fact there was a school disco, but as far as she was concerned it was all part of the getting ready!), where a trim and a fairy princess sticker completed stage 1.

Stage 2: Selecting a range of potential outfits. My favourite was Exhibit 1 (see below), but clearly I had no say in the matter.

Stage 3: The hair. My daughter has mad curly hair, and we have no idea who she inherited it from! Luckily, the hairdresser had already put some taming spray on it, so she opted for hair down. Choosing the clips however was not an easy task. Eventually pink, glittery bows won.

Stage 4: Practise those moves!

Stage 5: Eat dinner. This one was my idea. I feel terrible for putting this completely unnecessary inconvenience on the itinerary!

Disco time! There was me thinking this was the part when all the preparation became justified. When she ran into the hall and showed off those moves as she danced to Katy Perry. However it appears, that in any hour long disco, the first 40 minutes have to be spent dancing with Mummy. I really wasn’t prepared for that! All of a sudden my confident disco diva was shy, completely freaked out by the ‘big’ Year 1 and 2 children. She didn’t even have the confidence to go and ask her friends from her own class to dance. When the DJ started a Conga, she just stood there and it looked like she was the Farmer in a very big den!

She kept asking me to dance, but I’m so bad at dancing that at one point, my husband tried to talk me out of doing a first dance at our wedding! In the end we had a Divine Comedy song so we could make out that the bad dancing was for comic effect! So my poor daughter didn’t get much dancing from me. I just about managed the Macarena, but only got away with it because she didn’t know it! However, I think my appallingness was what forced her to take the plunge and join in with the others!

Eventually, she took the plunge and was very brave, taking to the floor just in time to play Musical Bumps, and eventually win the ‘Trophy!’ Well even better than a trophy for a four year old…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane Ellis
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 11:10:08

    I wish my daughter wanted to dance with me at her school discos – I could show her some moves!!…..but she’s 9 years old and I’m just about allowed to drop her off at the school gates before being dismissed without backwards glance 😦


  2. Paula Maher (@PaulaMaher)
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 19:05:38

    such a sweet post and such a cute Disco Princess! x


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  4. Disco Andy
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 00:31:00

    Sounds like great fun


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