Magic Moments…

It was always going to be a risk, my husband and I both quitting our nice, reliable, respectable jobs of 13 and 10 years, and moving away from our friends and family, our 4 year old daughter’s guarantees of an outstanding Primary School, and our son’s gorgeous nursery, where we were all for the most part, contented. I’ve said before, that we’ve forever been the kind of people who take the safe option, and I know the move from Dorset to Wiltshire isn’t exactly a mammoth emigration, but for us, it was the biggest thing we’d ever done. It was mostly very exciting, but as any parent will empathise, you worry far more about how it will affect your children than you.

Three weeks in to term though, (and several play dates already!) today I had one of those special moments when it all clicked into place why we’d moved. I say special moment, what it really was, was one of those moments where a Mummy gets overcome with emotion in a public place, then spends the rest of the time trying to compose herself so she doesn’t look like a complete hormonal idiot in front of her daughter’s peers or their parents (that’s normal right, please don’t tell me it’s just me that has those?)!

That moment today occurred when I went to my daughter’s school for the first Celebration Assembly, which was today celebrating the Harvest Festival.

In Dorset, our daughter had a place at an outstanding school, one of the best in the area. We loved it when we looked around, were overjoyed when she got a place there, and to be honest, gutted when we had to give it up. I know she would have done well there, and it would have been nice for her to have had some of her closest friends in her class. I don’t have a bad word to say about that school, but the school she has now started at in Reception is completely different. Instead of having 90 in her year group there are 28. Instead of being in a town, this is a local village school. It has its own vegetable patch, and the children enjoying digging for worms at break time! It’s a school where the children and the teachers are all part of a little community and the teachers don’t turn up on a Saturday for the school fayre because they feel they should, they’d have been going anyway because they make up that community!

Yesterday, I turned up to the Harvest Festival, with my son to watch my daughter stand up with her class and sing “Here’s what we do at Harvest time” to the whole school. Being a music teacher for a large part of my life, the one thing that always gets me is hearing young children singing. It rivals tiny babies giggling when it comes to my favourite sound, I could sit and listen to them for days without stopping! So I was already in my element, on my emotional brink, but seeing my daughter get up and sing her song and get all the actions in time, made the tears blur my vision. They didn’t finally plop until she saw me in the back corner watching, gave me the biggest smile and blew me a secret kiss! I was no longer in control of my tears!

I also have to thank my son for drawing attention to my secret blubbing by producing the most poignant belch I have ever heard in my life at this precise moment, causing about 250 people to turn my way!

It was a truly special moment though. I don’t think this event would have happened at my daughter’s original school, but if it had, I wouldn’t have been there to watch her, because circumstances would have meant I would have been at work and had to miss it, along with all the rest of her celebration assemblies to come, and that would have been a million times worse than there not being one! Suddenly, in that moment, I realised that moving was so the right thing to do. I can go back to being a teacher in a few years time if I want to, but I can never get these special moments with my children back, and they are far more important. I suddenly feel very lucky that I’m able to enjoy them.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. helen W
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 20:09:12

    Couldn’t read the last paragraph straight away because my eyes were full of tears.

    What a lovely lovely post.

    Having just decided that I’m not going back to work at the end of my mat leave reading this just confirms I’ve made the rightchoice.


    • itsamumsworld
      Sep 29, 2011 @ 20:17:33

      Aw thank you! This is the first time in my life I’ve let my heart make a big decision, and for me it was definitely the right thing to do, hope it’s right for you too. x


  2. HELEN
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 20:16:29

    That would be me blubbing too! Love it that your little boy belched to draw attention your way! ha they are great at that.You have made me realise how lucky we are with our school too as I was thinking how lovely your school sounds & then I thought that actually you could be describing ours. Glad it’s working out for you.


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