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I was out with my son the other day at a place which he and I both love, and what I’m about to write doesn’t in any way represent what it is usually like, or to be honest, what it was like this time, but this week, my son cut his face. Not seriously, he just landed funny at the bottom of the slide. There was blood and tears, but thankfully it was very superficial. A young boy was also made to cry, because he was scared of the very loud roar which was done right in his face, noses literally touching. A mother was also slapped.

Behind each of these three occurrences was a boy. A boy who refused to get off the bottom of the slide when he finished, causing my son to divert (to be fair you could also argue that my son should have waited!). A boy fronted up to a baby and roared very loudly in his face completely scaring him, and a boy slapped a mum, who politely but firmly told him that we wait our turn to use the climbing frame.

Each time this happened, the boys’ mum laughed, and maintained that ‘that’s what boys his age are like.’ And that was it, end of. This is a mum who I genuinely like as a person, so I felt quite awkward. I wondered if I was over reacting, or if she was right, that all boys are like that, and a bit of rough and tumble is all in a day’s work? Children will be children, I accept that, but if one of mine had made another cry, even if I didn’t think they had done anything ‘wrong’ I like to think I would still address the issue, and try to help them understand why their actions may have upset someone else. They would then have apologised, at least for upsetting the other person, even if it was accidental.

This whole parenting lark’s not getting any easier! I just hope we move in time for my daughter to start school! I guess at the end of the day we just need to remember that we’re all doing a good job. I’m sure we weren’t all brought up the same way yet we’ve all turned out okay!



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