It’s a Small World…

Well for once I’ve had a blog holiday because I’ve had an actual holiday! Yes last week, we went en famille to Disneyland Paris, and had the best time ever! It was a very welcome break from the stresses of exams at school, and the whole selling a house and relocating thing, which is taking up quite a bit of time.

We decided to take advantage of the well advertised ‘Kids Go Free’ promotion and booked our break last Christmas. It was May half term, which is also a holiday in France, so it was very busy, but it didn’t spoil our fun! We went primarily for our four year old who is obsessed with Disney Princesses and Fairies. She recently filled in her transition form for when she starts Reception in September, and in answer to the question ‘What would you like to do when you are older?’ she put ‘I would like to be a tooth fairy or marry a Prince!’

We absolutely knew that she would love every minute, but we thought our son at 2, might be a bit young. How wrong we were! He won’t actually remember the experience, but he was so happy and excited throughout our time there, pointing out the castle and more Disney characters than I thought he was aware of at any given opportunity! He really enjoyed all the shows, like Animagique, and Handy Manny, and the rides which told stories, like the Buzz Lightyear ride, Peter Pan, and our favourite of all, It’s a Small World.

As we stayed in the Hotel New York, we had tickets to both parks which were valid for the whole 4 days, and hotel guests are able to use some of the rides for an extra 2 hours each morning before it opens to the public, so we all went on Space Mountain without even having to queue. This made such a difference, and due to the price of day tickets, it actually worked out that our 4 star hotel accommodation was free. The service here was amazing, as were the breakfasts!

The highlight of our holiday though was definitely our dinner on the final night, when we booked Cafe Mickey, on the recommendation of several of my lovely friends on Twitter. The Disney characters roam around here and come over to your table, which all the children thought was amazing, an experience they will remember for years to come.

It’s definitely not a holiday to book if you’re after rest and relaxation, but it’s without doubt the best holiday we’ve ever had, and I feel like quite a pro now, so if you’re planning a visit, I’ve got a few hints and tips, so feel free to drop me a line!

And just to finish off, It’s a Small World – our favourite ride which we went on every single day, but it’s also so true. My husband and daughter were queuing up to meet Rapunzel, and got talking to the people in front of them. They were waiting for nearly 2 hours, and bit by bit, they unravelled firstly that we all lived on the South Coast, then that they both worked in the same town, then that their daughter goes to the school our daughter has a place at in September, and then ultimately, that we live in the same road, less than a minute’s walk away! What are the chances of us being in the park on the same day, let alone next to each other in a random queue?! It most definitely is a small world!


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