How to Win an Argument…

Until recently, I always worried that my daughter would get overlooked when she starts school. She’s always seemed so timid around other children her age, and would just let other children push past her. I remember at a birthday party about 6 months ago, there was an entertainer who (naively) put a box of musical instruments down on the floor and told the 30 or so 3 year olds to help themselves. Everyone pushed past my daughter and she just let them, only to find that when she got there, there were no instruments left, and the entertainer did nothing to help, like for example asking one of the children who had taken 2 to give one up. I was really surprised in fact,  that only one parent actually did this!

What my daughter has however inherited, is her Daddy’s ability to never give up on an argument if she feels she is right! This was evident yesterday when my friend came round with her 2 children. Inevitably it wasn’t long before they all decided that despite the hundreds of toys available to them, they all needed the same one at the same time. My daughter had already managed to chastise my friend’s son for being ‘incapable of pretending’ when she told him a plastic scoop of ice cream was an Easter egg and he corrected her! My friend and I were both about to intervene on the latest argument, when we heard a little gem of a conversation going on. It turns out it was all over a dolly’s dummy:

My daughter (E): Can I have the dummy please, S?

My friend’s boy (S): No.

E: Why can’t I have it?

S: I want it.

E: Well it’s important that we share.

S: No, when you come to my house, you can play with my toys, and I’m at your house so I can play with yours!

E: (After a short pause) Ok then, we’ll take it in turns, and you’ve had your turn, so it’s my turn now, so can you give it to me please!

S, at this point dutifully handed it over. I think he saw little point in pursuing it as he knew my daughter would probably come up with another few reasons why he should do as she asked!

I guess I learned a lesson there that perhaps my little girl isn’t as timid as I thought, and perhaps I need to let her get on with things. Even aged 3 she can hold her own!


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