Waitrose: Service with a Smile!

I feel like every post I’ve done this week had been singing someone’s praises. That’s probably because each one has, but I couldn’t not write this post as it really did make my day.

Ever since that horrible day over a year ago when I was in Sainsbury’s with 2 tantruming children under 3, and I felt like doing the same as the lady in the advert who just gets down on the floor and joins in with them. What you don’t need at that time is a load of disgusted looks from women who are calmly going about their weekly shop with perfectly behaved children, looking rather smug. Ok, so I may have also been that woman on a few occasions too, but I finally snapped, and thought, that’s it. I haven’t done a supermarket shop since, and have instead opted for online shopping.

My husband was adamant he didn’t want to pay for someone to deliver our shopping (yes, he doesn’t do the shopping with 2 toddlers on his own!), so I took the plunge and ordered from Waitrose online, because they offer free delivery on orders over £50.

I have never looked back. Each week, a lovely lady brings my shopping to my door. She is helpful and friendly and we have banter each week. I think if I bumped into her at the shops I’d now happily stand and have a chat with her, and if she didn’t have work to do I’d happily ask her in for coffee and cake!

The food is fantastic quality too, even their Essential range. One of my concerns was that I might get sent food which was bruised or going out of date, the stuff which you wouldn’t pick up if you were shopping yourself, but this has never been the case. In fact, they have a policy that if the food only has a couple of days left on the date, you are given it for free, yes FREE!

It’s got to be said though, the reason I’m writing this today, is down to the customer service in Waitrose. Over the year or so they’ve been delivering my shopping there have been some mistakes, but only in the same way as when I did my own shopping (before I turned lazy!) that I would get home and realise I’d forgotten something. I have alsways been believed instantly and where necessary I have been refunded. Although I could have gone into the store to prove I was telling the truth, I have never been asked to.

Last week I received a letter to say thank you for my patience over the new website they launched a few weeks back. It was different, but really just required sitting down for an hour or so to find your way round it the first time. I’m easy to please, so a thank you was fine for me, but that’s not all, they also included a voucher which mounts up to £20 off my shopping over the next 4 weeks. Thank you very much! I gladly used my first voucher code for my shop which got delivered this morning.

I opened the door to my lovely, friendly lady. We sorted my shopping, checked the substitutions, then as I was signing, she disappeared and came back with this:

You would not believe how much this has brightened up my day! Obviously it’s good marketing because I’m telling everyone how wonderful they are, but no-one has ever given me all these things in one go before, so thank you Waitrose for putting me in such a happy mood all day, for restoring my faith that just being nice is sometimes enough, oh, and also for all that yummy food!


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  1. MrsShaunaTate
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 08:55:30

    fantastic, i’ve always shopped at Waitrose when treating myself, but recently it has become my weekly shop supermarket as the food is so fab, since having a baby 1month ago i’ve been to knackered to cook up a storm but i can buy from there ready meal style range and just add pots/veg and know its great quality and super delicious. I’ve been going to the actual store recently but there delivery service has been 100% too, and when they made an error they drove straight back with a very posh bottle of wine! Yum! Also – sorry to blab on – I went to the store in Bury St Edmunds recently and was served by a young chap at the deli counter with a severe facial disfigurment – i was so happy to see him working there after recently watching beauty and the beast documentary about how tough it is for people with disfigurements to find work – he was excellent and even came round the counter and have a little chat with my newborn! Well done Waitrose!


    Apr 21, 2011 @ 09:41:46

    wow, how fab, it’s like Mothers Day & valentines all wrapped into one!
    I don’t get that from Asda!


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