Happy Birthday!

With my children’s birthdays only 3 weeks apart (yes I know, I didn’t plan that too well!) and the fact hat my husband is away on a stag do the weekend of our 3 year old’s birthday (he’s back for her actual birthday, he wouldn’t miss that) and the fact that my ‘baby’ friends’ children all have their birthdays in May, we decided that this year they could have a joint birthday party.

Said birthday party happened at the weekend, and it was great fun. A lot of people said I was brave to have a big party, but I didn’t really think anything of it. I’m used to supervising 30+ teenagers on a daily basis, 25 under 4s will be fine too, right…?

The theme was Disney, and it was held at our local gym, in the studios. We spent the week preparing, getting all the Disney themed party bits and bobs, and we also decided that rather than party bags full of the usual trinkets, we’d have a lucky dip with more substantial prizes for each child, Disney of course, which seemed to be a hit!

However, bouncy castle, costumes, food and drink aside, surely the big thing with any birthday party, is what appears when you all sing. Although I haven’t yet had to feel that pressure that some mums talk about, about how you feel in competition with other mums or looked down upon if you buy a birthday cake in the supermarket, I’ve always felt a bit of a personal challenge, and wanted to make my children’s birthday cakes. My mum always made mine, and I remember feeling excited when I saw each and every one. They weren’t particularly posh or artistic, but they were my birthday cakes and nobody else was ever going to have one the same.

I’m not particularly creative either, so it’s probably no great loss to childrenkind that none of them will ever have to receive a birthday cake quite like the ones I make, but I was still determined! I have to say that due to the fact this was a joint party, and I was therefore going to need 2 birthday cakes, I was quite relieved when my daughter spied a Hello Kitty cake in Sainsbury’s and decided that was the cake she needed for her party, but then things changed after she saw Tangled at the cinema, she decided Disney was an essential theme so she could dress up as Rapunzel, before turning to me and saying ‘And I’d like a cake that looks just like me in my Rapunzel dress please Mummy!’

Who am I to argue?! My son, who dressed up as Woody, had a birthday cake with a Cars logo on the top, which I could just about manage, so I set to work on the Rapunzel cake…

I have to confess that even though this isn’t a particularly complex cake to make if you bake lots, for me it was a challenge, and there are definite up close flaws, but thanks to some expert cyber guidance from the lovely @Shhh_Pregnant who runs Gourmet Kitchenware I managed to produce something which my daughter gleamed at because it look vaguely like her alter ego Rapunzel!

I also made some Disney themed cupcakes for the party bags, just in case my artisic efforts weren’t fit for human consumption, though I have chomped on a *few* slices since the party and I’m still here!

I just hope to goodness that she doesn’t ask for a castle for Rapunzel to live in next year!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. (mostly) yummy mummy
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 13:14:09

    Sounds like they had an absolute ball! And that cake is just AMAZING!!


    Apr 19, 2011 @ 15:37:08

    your cake looks fab, I made a similar one for my daughter a few years ago and they are harder than they look!


  3. Lucy
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 21:00:26

    You’ll be needing this next year if you want to make a rapunzel castle! http://direct.hobbycraft.co.uk/products-Romantic-Castle-Cake-Set-32pcs_310643.htm


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