Flattened Poultry Anyone?

I wasn’t going to post anything today, as it’s a day I work, and I’m normally at least 3 hours short when it comes to achieving everything I need to, however, I laughed today over something and I felt it was too good not to share!

You’re probably guessing that I’m going to talk about a highly intelligent April Fool’s prank, but I have to confess I was disappointed at the attempts! While I’m clearly not condoning any naughty behaviour, I still remember the time I was at school and my tutor group (I was a goody two shoes and played no part you understand!) managed to get round the entire school, hiding the blackboard rubbers from every classroom in the PE lost property box, which confused the teachers greatly, but the best prank I got today was being told that the Headmaster was coming in when he wasn’t!  So what did make me laugh?

This is a metronome.


In case you’ve never played a musical instrument, it’s purpose is to help you keep time in a piece of music by swaying to and fro at a set pace, thus giving you the beat.

If my toddlers see something they haven’t seen before, it instantly becomes their favourite thing in the world, for at least a few seconds, until they see something else, which then takes its place.

The same can be said of a number of teenagers that I teach. I have a Year 8 class last lesson on a Friday afternoon. This particular Year 8 class are a lovely group of individuals, who are inquisitive and always eager to get their points across. They are also ready for the weekend by the time they get to my lesson, so keeping them on track can be a challenge sometimes!

Today was the last time I was scheduled to teach them before the holidays so I needed them to complete their unit of work. They were being assessed on their ability to write about music they heard, and it relied upon them working in groups to create a piece of music that their peers could then assess under given criteria.

Bring on the metronome. One student in my class decided, when on his way to the front to perform and he clocked eyes on said metronome, that it had to form an integral part of his piece of music. My natural reaction was to question the student. I began with what I thought was an easy question. Little did I know that this was going to turn into my favourite conversation of the week, as I asked:

“That’s fine if you need it to be a part of your piece, perhaps you could just explain to anyone who may not know, what it is and does…”

We’ve all been that person in class who gets picked on by the teacher and doesn’t have a clue what the answer is. What do we do? We look beseechingly at our friends and hope that perhaps they have been listening or have at least an inkling what the answer may be. Luckily for the student in question, there was a pal on hand who knew exactly what the metronome was and they kindly whispered “It’s a ticking beater.”

If ever there’s a reason not to trust your friends, it’s in this situation. If you think what your friend said isn’t the right answer, it probably isn’t.

Slightly confused, but trusting his friend I was reliably informed that he really did need it for his piece, and he proudly told the class it was a ‘CHICKEN BEATER!’

Needless to say, this comment did indeed bring a great deal of laughter, and I’m also pretty sure it won’t be forgotten straight away. On the plus side, I’m confident all the students will remember the purpose of a metronome in future and it did brighten my day! The sound of children laughing is still one of my favourite sounds ever, regardless of how old they are! Happy weekend people!

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  1. @Laura_987
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 19:35:34

    Haha brilliant!


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