Mummy’s Little Swimmer!

Apologies but I have to warn you that this post is purely indulgent! One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was because I’d read other people’s blogs and I thought it was a really good way of documenting your children’s development. Somebody’s blog always managed to brighten up my day or make me realise that in the grand scheme of things I probably was quite normal. I really enjoy blogging but I don’t do a new post every day because my life really isn’t that interesting, so I only blog when I have a purpose. My purpose today? To boast – my 3 year old daughter has learnt to swim!

I couldn’t swim until I was nearly 11. I only remember this because I went to a primary school with its own swimming pool so we had lessons every week. Those students who could swim wore a white swimming cap, while those like me who weren’t able to stay afloat for a whole length had to wear a red cap and bob around in the shallow end while the teacher taught everyone else – I know this could never be allowed to happen now! I got my white cap in my final half term of primary school.

This meant that I did miss out on quite a bit though, I never went to water parks, rapids, or even the diving boards, so I always wanted my own children to be confident around water.

I had a perfect water birth with my daughter and I’m sure it’s been said somewhere that if you’re born into water, you don’t fear it. I’m not however sure where I read this or if it’s true. I had the same intentions for my son, but didn’t quite make it to the maternity unit in time and had him on a toilet floor in the hospital foyer – I’m not sure this counts as a water birth technically!

My daughter has been having swimming lessons since she was 13 months old and we go swimming as a family at least once a week, and she is confident around water. This was evident on holiday last summer, when she was so keen to just get stuck in with all the other children, no fear at all! This was her first swimming outfit bought as a joke by her Godmother, but it still makes me smile even now!

She then went through a phase of only wanting to wear her swimming costume around the house…

Until recently, the thing that had been stopping her from swimming properly was a fear of getting her eyes wet. I bought some goggles that a friend recommended and I have to say that if you have the same issues, these goggles worked a miracle. She was diving down to the bottom of the pool fearlessly, instantly! I’m just so proud that last week, in her swimming lessoh, she swam an entire length of the pool, front crawl, no arm bands, no floats, just her. She was putting her head in and out, with the correct breathing technique (something I haven’t mastered even now!) and her glow of pride as she realised what she had done, made me well up like I haven’t it ages. It’s a moment that’s ingrained in my memory, that I wish I could have filmed.

We haven’t been swimming since yet, but she’s so excited about showing Daddy her new skills, so here she is trying to demonstrate in the bath – that’ll have to do for now!

Thank you for indulging my proud Mummy moment!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mumonamission
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 20:34:27

    Awww you must be so proud. I love moments like that and thats what blogs are for. Well done little one. xx


  2. PollyPodders
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 20:52:52

    Clever girl! You should be proud! X


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