3 going on 15…

They say you should never underestimate your children (don’t they?) and my three year old can certainly live up to that this week. She has genuinely outwitted both my husband and I on several occasions, but in the most innocent of ways.

How to talk your way into getting what you want…

Evie: “Daddy, what music do you like?”

Hubby: “Well, I like lots of different kinds of music.”

E: “Do you like music with a lady and a man singing?”

H: “Yes I do.”

E: “And do you like music that tells a story?”

H: “Yes I do.”

E: Well, Daddy, if you like, you can listen to my Tangled songs. Mummy – Daddy would like to listen to my Tangled songs, please can you put them on?!”

3yo: 1 Parents: 0

How to blag more presents for your birthday…

Evie: “Mummy, do you know, there’s a lovely house in the Build-a-Bear shop that would be perfect for Lila (her Build-a-Bear creation) to live in?”

Me: “Yes, I remember seeing it when we bought Lila her new clothes. Maybe that would be a good thing to write on your birthday list.” (which has been a work in progress since Christmas!)

E: “No Mummy, it’s not a house for me, it’s a house for Lila, so I’ll write it on her birthday list. But, Mummy, do you know, Lila’s birthday is on the same day as mine?!”

3yo: 2 Parents: 0

How the best intended double standards come back to haunt you…

We’ve all been there, the time when the child visits your house and starts a squabble by playing with our own child’s toys. Our response as a parent? If you’re anything like me, it’s always to explain why the other child should be allowed a turn at playing with them, and how important it is to share etc. The trouble is when it’s the other way around. Last week, my daughter went for her first ever sleepover at a friend’s house. She has stayed at the grandparents before and had friends stay at ours, but this was another ‘first’ experience. She was very excited, and had hers and her brother’s Trunkis packed hours in advance:

However, I digress, it’s the issue mentioned above that came back to haunt me. As I was dropping her off and saying my goodbyes, I did the warning conversation, about how important it was that she was well behaved, and did all the things that were asked of her. At this point she looked horrified, which scared me – surely I’d brought her up well enough to know this? The response I got was – “No Mummy, I’m going to L’s house. That means I’ll be the guest, so they’ll all have to listen to me and do what I want!”

3yo: 3 Parents: 0 (though I do have to report she was a model guest *wipes brow with relief*)

So this week I got thrashed! I just love the logic of small children, they have a solution for everything, but a little gem of a conversation I heard when she had a sleepover reminded me that she is still my little girl (though her 5 year old friend gets the marks for the humour on this one!).

L: “Come on Evie, lets sit on my bed and read this book about sharks.”

Evie: “I don’t think I want to do that, I’m very afraid of sharks.” (Bless her, my little baby is scared of a book about sharks!)

L: “Well, Evie, I’ve only just started school, it’s not like I can actually read, so it doesn’t matter!”

E: Oh ok then, we’ll just look at the pictures! (Clearly this wasn’t the scary part!)

I can also rest assured that since her boyfriend moved up to the next pre school room, she’s come to the decision that she’s too young for a boyfriend and she’s ‘off boys til she’s 4!’

I just can’t fail to smile every time I think of these comments, so feel free to cheer me up with your own children’s snippets of wisdom or logic!

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  1. Rashmi Kamath
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 14:22:59

    aww.. those are such cute anecdotes!! your daughter is really cute btw!! 🙂


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