You Know it’s Half Term When…

As a teacher, half term is probably far more exciting to me than it is to most adults. Rather than being that annoying week when all the routines stop, the shops become more crowded and a day out costs twice as much, for me it’s the week when everything in the world will be achieved that I’ve been putting off during term time. That light bulb that needs changing – will get done in half term. The gorgeous recipes I’m going to cook – will get done in half term. That week when I go to the gym at least five times – will get done in half term. You get the idea! However it’s now Tuesday, and the reality that I have in fact got a week off work has sunk in. You know it’s half term when:

  • You wake up in the morning and your first thought isn’t how many get-ups there are until half term.
  • Porridge and Weetabix do not defeat you every day in the fight for who wins the ‘unnecessary superglue on a dining table championship’.
  • You realise that the ‘Something Special’ you’re watching during afternoon snacks is spookily similar to the one you saw during morning snacks.
  • All those ‘you don’t have to spend money to have fun’ philosophies go out of the window.
  • You moan that the week is going too quickly even before the end of the first weekend.
  • The children have a day at nursery leaving Mummy and Daddy to have a day to themselves, only to spend it separately, me on cleaning duty (ok, with a little bit of Twitter thrown in!), and Hubby shouting expletives at the TV whilst ‘saving the world’ on his XBox.
  • You have to spend half the time waiting in for some repair man or other to come round and fix things during their allotted 8am – 10pm time slot – we’ve had 2 of those his week already!
  • All those good intentions are written out neatly on a lovely list. And then tidied away in the mid term cleaning blitz and forgotten about.
  • The marking and report writing that you promised yourself you would do at the beginning of the week so you could relax for the rest of the holiday is still there on Sunday night, while you’re still relaxing.
  • You realise that your default setting is ‘lazy.’

I absolutely love being off. As my husband is a teacher as well, it means that we never go more than 8 weeks without having a whole week of family time so we’re really lucky in that respect. We get time to ourselves as well as time together because nursery and pre school still operate in the holidays, but this holiday has made me realise that despite the fact we’re always on the go, the thought of just sitting back and doing nothing sounds wonderful. I’ve put off so many things with the intention of getting them done in half term, but I just know that any opportunity I get when I could actually achieve these things just get ignored in favour of doing nothing! I’m not sure whether this is a good thing because everyone needs time to relax, or whether this is just another reason why fate does not enable me to be a stay at home mum!

Either way, I’ve got another five days left and I’m determined to relax and enjoy them. Who knows, maybe that light bulb will get changed, but if it doesn’t there’s four more that work fine!

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  1. By Word of Mouth Musings
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 15:41:56

    Enjoy that time!
    Candle light is so much more romantic anyway 🙂


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