Fitness Friday: Week 3

I can’t believe how good I’ve been on this diet! With any other diet I’ve done before I’ve just lived for my Friday or Saturday night treat, but I can honestly say I’ve not had a single ‘naughty’ thing to eat since I started my diet on New Year’s Day, and given that I’m vegetarian and that meat is about the only thing you can eat on it, this makes me even more proud!

I did my third weigh in this morning, have now lost 10lb in total, and people at work today started saying my tummy looked smaller which is always a bonus!

I’ve also managed to keep up the exercise. Although I have only been managing to get to the gym twice a week instead of the three times I was hoping for, I have at least been consistent, and got up to 3.7km on my 25 minute run yesterday. When I first started I was running for 1 minute then walking 1 1/2 minutes, but now I can run the majority of the time. I also now just feel unfit when I run as opposed to feeling like there was no doubt I would keel over any second.

I never realised that eating carbs had such an effect on the way you feel. Cutting them out was a horrendous experience and although the plan claimed you’d feel terrible for the first three days, it took my body this long to wade through the excess Quality Street in my system and it wasn’t until 11 days in that the yuckiness stopped. I felt rubbish for the first 11 days: tired, headache, out of breath. I considered stopping but being stubborn and having a fridge full of especially prepared food, I decided to give it one more week. Then one morning, I just woke up and felt fine. It’s only occured to me in the last week or so that I haven’t been waking up feeling tired, I’m no longer irritable and have so much more patience with the children, both at home and at work, I’ve been sleeping better, and most crucially, I’ve not had a single carb craving, and haven’t even felt jealous when I’ve seen hubby tucking into pizzas or ice cream (my favourite treat dinner)! I only feel hungry when I am hungry.

So all in all I’m feeling very proud of myself, the weight isn’t coming off as quickly as it has on some diets I have done, but the inches are, and I’ve never felt so energised on a diet before. I’m nearly halfway through the first part of the diet and then I will start introducing some carbs back in, I just hope I don’t start cheating once I get the taste for them!

Hop on over to the Monkeying Around blog and find out how everyone else is doing on the Fitness Friday quest, and well done to all those New Year’s Resolution dieters out there!


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  1. Cake and Tea Blog
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 17:09:18

    Well done you, what a great start! I could never go low carb, I couldn’t live without bread, so totally admire your willpower!


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