Fitness Friday – Week One

I’ve been a very poor blogger this week, actually, scrap that as I’ve not been a blogger at all! My intentions of having lots to say went out of the window the day I returned to school and realised how much work I should have done during my time off. Despite only having worked two days last week, I so needed the weekend to arrive!

However, I decided to be part of Fitness Friday, so don’t want to get left out before the end of the first week! You can read in my initial post my reasons for wanting to lose weight, my targets and how I was hoping to achieve them. I have to say this is the toughest eating plan I’ve ever done in my life, and I certainly didn’t feel ‘great with a newfound sense of energy and wellbeing’ as the plan promised! It warned me that the first three days would be ‘tough’ but if I stuck with it, by day 4 I would be able to feel big improvements. Well…

Determined as I am, I made sure that I had all of the right ‘healthy’ ingredients ready to begin on New Year’s Day. After being a gluttonous pig over Christmas, I was more than ready to start eating healthily. I got up and prepared my oatbran for breakfast, and all was fine. Essentially, this diet cuts out carbs for six weeks, then begins to reintroduce them slowly so you don’t balloon again. Being vegetarian, I’ve always relied on carbs to help me through when dieting, so I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, so post breakfast, I was literally waiting for the ‘toughness of the first 3 days’ to kick in, but all seemed ok, right the way through the first three days. This is when I started to get smug, and consequently where it all started to go downhill!

Day 4 was my first day back at work, and also the day that the plan seemed to hate my body! I think I’d spent the first three days living off the excess Quality Street that were living in my system, and those supplies had relinquished by day 4. Consequently, I was tired from a 6am get up and going back to work, and irritable from sugar deprivation and PMT, I had a headache, was out of breath after walking up the stairs, and hubby quite rightly described me as a ‘moody cow!’ I think I escaped pretty lightly, I was evil!

I survived that day at work, and because I’m so determined, I didn’t give in, but by day 5, none of these feelings had gone, so I caved in, and ate a slice of toast and a banana! Within about 20 minutes I felt fine again, and I didn’t put on 3 stone as a result either!

As for exercise, well I went back to the gym. I hate exercise, but I know that I need to do it, and we feel it’s important that our children grow up to think of being fit and active as a normal part of life, so I decided I’d try running. I’ve always wanted to be able to run, but my ample chest and lack of a good fitting sports bra have always put me off a bit, but I got a beginner’s running plan and onto the treadmill went I! I managed just over 3km on my first run (well most of it was huffy puffy walking but we won’t split hairs!) and I ached for days. I also got a few strange looks as I couldn’t find my water bottle, so ended up having to use my son’s Tommy Tippee beaker to keep me hydrated! The second run was much better though, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be running a marathon!

I guess really, I need to decide whether all that was worth it. I’m sure the saying goes ‘everything comes at a price’, so if I want to lose weight, I’m going to have to be disciplined. I decided not to weigh myself every day, so I had to do it about seven times when I actually had my official weigh in, because I couldn’t believe my eyes – 7lb in 7 days! Yes I know I won’t maintain this (though wouldn’t it be great if I did?!), I know most of that was water (and Quality Street) and that it’ll slow down. It was a challenge but 1) It worked, and 2) I’m still alive, so was it worth it? Hell yeah! Here’s to next week, fellow Fitness Fridayers!

Good luck! x


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