Fitness Friday

I’ve been on a blog holiday over Christmas. I just love how Christmas is a valid excuse for everything – ‘I’m having a lie in, because it’s Christmas’, ‘I’ve left the ironing, because it’s Christmas’, or ‘I can justify buying all this unnecessary stuff with my nonexistent money, because it’s Christmas!’ I’ve used all these, but I think like just about everyone else I’ve committed the 2 most obvious ones of all: ‘I can skip the gym in favour of sitting on my bum all day’ and ‘I can eat whatever I want with no discipline whatsoever!’

Consequently, I’ve started to wobble, even when I just breathe, and yesterday, I got out of breath running up 14 flights of stairs! I’m so unfit and blubbery it’s disgusting, so when I stumbled across the lovely Beckickle’s post encouraging as many of us who are starting healthkicks tomorrow to join in together with Fitness Friday, I decided to end my blogging holiday a day early too and join in.

Here’s how it works (or rather, here’s my understanding of how it works, you should check out Beckickle’s post or Monkeying Around for the official ‘how it works!’):

You copy this questionnaire into your own post and fill it in, then link it up to the Monkeying Around page. There is also a forum on Beckickle’s site which you can join.

So why am I joining up:

Name: Michelle (@itsamumsworld)
Twitter: @itsamumsworld
Starting Weight: 11 stone 4lbs
Target Weight: 9 stone
Amount Lost: N/A
Amount to Lose: 2 stone 4lbs
Dress Size: 12/14
Target Dress Size: 10
My Favourite Baddies: Chocolate, ice cream, pizza, cheese
My Favourite Goodies: Fruit and veg, water
Foods I’m Cutting (Cold Turkey): Carbs and nice things
Foods I’m Adding: More veg and healthy stuff!
Why I want to lose weight:
After I had my son, I tipped the scales at over 14 stone. I was so disciplined and lost over 4 stone through Slimming World, but never managed to shed those last few pounds. I think it’s because I am veggie and relied on lots of carbs on this diet, so I’ve chosen a plan that a close friend of mine was very successful with, which cuts out carbs for 6 weeks, then reintroduces them slowly, so you don’t suddenly put on all the weight again. Apparently the first 3 days are hell until your body adjusts, but then it becomes easier and you have more energy and feel good in yourself. This is my first goal, the second is to be able to get my size 10 skinny jeans on again, and breathe in them when the button is done up!
My Fitness Plan:
I have gym membership, but stopped going a while ago because my headphones broke (yes, I know, I deserve to be overweight if I use that as an excuse!) but I’m going to start going back a couple of times a week when my kids can do the free classes. I’m also going to dust off my cross trainer and restore it to its original purpose of being an exercise machine not a coat stand. What I’d really like to do is run, but I’m going to start small and build up!
I’m doing Sunday Weigh In on Twitter using the hashtag #1BabyElephant and keeping up to speed with the #FitnessFriday hashtag and the natter on the BECKICKLESIE Forum.
Top Tips to Keep on Track with Fitness Friday:
Follow the #1BabyElephant and #FitnessFriday Twitter Hashtag/s. Follow the Monkeying Around Blog. Join the BECKICKLESIE Forum to ensure you’re up to date with Fitness Friday news. Add the Fitness Friday Badge to your blog for easy access to the link up, you can get the code and instructions from theBECKICKLESIE Forum. There’s also a Group on British Mummy Bloggers to join – check it out here.
Good luck, I wonder how many stones we can lose between us in the first week?!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beckickles
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 03:16:43

    Good luck sweetie! Brave of you to join and I hope it goes really, really well for you. Remember to keep us posted each Friday.

    I started mine today, so far, so good.



  2. adele- monkeying around
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 09:48:31

    A fantasic post, I look forward to reading your next one this week and seeing how it is all going


  3. daftspaniel
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 10:45:15

    Good luck with getting fit! I vastly increased my exercise by getting a bike last year and getting on it – best of all it was great fun. Each trip had a purpose other fitness which helps with motivation and I still have a number of destinations to tick off my list. This year I plan to cycle even more – biking to work should happen in the lighter mornings 🙂


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