You know you’re a three year old when…

I had some lovely feedback about my post yesterday (yay, thank you!) and having had a relatively good night’s sleep I was in far brighter spirits and a lot more receptive to some of those times when you just wish you could be a three year old again. Don’t they just live in this perfect world?! It’s no secret that we all love watching Peppa Pig in our house, but my daughter honestly thinks that this is the way the world works! Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen quite a bit of evidence of this. From the evidence I have, I can conclude that you know you’re a three year old when…

You can feel better by simply giving someone else your germs. Having been sick during the night, Evie was still feeling poorly. She’d been off her food and I caught her drinking her brother’s drink. When I asked her why she wasn’t drinking her own drink, her response? “Well I’ve decided I don’t like being poorly any more, so Harry can have my germs instead!” How kind, almost as generous as the time she gave him chickenpox for his first birthday…

Everything has a simple explanation. On the way to pre school this morning, Evie asked if she could sit in the front of the car. I explained that she wasn’t quite big enough. She replied with: “Well I sat in the front when I was in your tummy and I was much smaller then!” How do you react to that?!

It’s just a funny coincidence that the chicken you eat and the chicken you feed at Grandma’s house are called the same word. As a vegetarian this stirs certain uncomfortable feelings, but I’ve never brought the children up vegetarian as I feel it’s a choice that I made, and if they’d like to be vegetarian when they are older, I want them to have made this choice. I do find the fact that she finds this coincidence of words though quite amusing. It just doesn’t occur to her that she could be eating little Hetty’s distant cousin! She also thinks that eggs come from Sainsbury’s not chickens!

Your biggest career aspiration is to become a tooth fairy. I witnessed a little gem of a conversation a while back between Evie and her friend. This was no flippant comment, they went through all the different ideas. Apparently being a teacher could be fun because of all the bouncing on the trampoline (which is what we do all day clearly), something they got to do when we took them in for a couple of hours on GCSE results day back in August, but they rejected it, as they did becoming a receptionist and working in a coffee shop, in favour of being a tooth fairy, because this way they get to stay up all night. I’ve been looking to see if Hogwarts have any vacancies for next September but I’m yet to hear back!

Chocolate money is more valuable than actual money. I guess this needs no further explanation, if you have a child of any age, I’m sure this will ring true. I just wish that it were true, wouldn’t it be amazing?!

I could go on all day, totting up the hilarious anecdotes my daughter has managed to rack up, but I’ll stop here. Feel free to add your own to the bottom in a comment though, we can always do with a giggle and I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself when I say it’s usually it’s the things our three year olds say that make us laugh most! Thanks for reading, I’ll enjoy reading yours!

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