Golden Slumbers

I’ve always been one of those smug people that lots of parents hate. Why? My children love to sleep. They’ve always gone down to bed by 7 and there they stayed until sometimes getting on for 9am. If they kicked up a fuss we consistently dealt with the issue and never caved in to the ‘easy fix’ solutions such as letting them sleep in our bed, however tempting it might have been. I’ve probably made lots of enemies just writing that paragraph!

However, the last three weeks have been an absolute nightmare and all of a sudden I’ve been able to have both empathy and sympathy for those parents whose children weren’t little angels like mine. My three year old decided that the middle of the night really is the optimum time for colouring in, even with paint, and apparently my husband and I are literally the only people on the planet who were not aware of this. Consequently we have had nightly tears and tantrums which have in turn woken up my 1 year old causing them both to be cranky all day too.

We tried everything, the reward charts, sanctions etc. and although she promised not to do it again that night, in true 3 year old fashion, that promise was only valid for the amount of time it took her to say it!

A few of my lovely Twitter friends recommended these clocks you can buy that let little ones know when it’s time to get up, so we did some investigating. After showing my daughter the entire range, she decided that the Gro Clock ( from Mothercare was her favourite. I wasn’t convinced how much I’d be willing to pay for a full night’s sleep, but I forked out the £30 for her chosen clock and it arrived yesterday.

We set it up for the sun to rise at 6:30 and lo and behold, we did not hear a peep from her until the second the sun appeared on her clock. I love this clock, it is my best friend in the whole wide world! I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off, but that one uninterrupted night’s sleep has totally recharged my batteries. This morning was the first morning at work in at least a month where I haven’t been reaching for the coffee before first lesson, and I’ve been in a pretty good mood all day.

I promise that every time I hear someone expressing frustration over their children’s poor sleeping habits, I will have nothing but sympathy for them, and wherever possible I’ll be the first on hand to deliver strong coffee! Sleep deprivation really is the worst form of torture.

A really productive day was had as a result of my full eight hours kip, but rest assured I’m still scatty as ever. I forgot to put any filling in my sandwiches today and found my keys in the fridge at work!

My New Best Friend!


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